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I'm a bit stuck. Need some arab advice, pls!

Hi! So i've started this adventure in studying arabic, but, Unfortunately, i see that the

way my teacher translates phrases from romanian to arabic differ from english-arabic and i find it so hard 'cause google translator and other phone application which i use translate sentences different, too, in terms of word arrangement in sentences. please, does anyone know a program which translates with vowels included? if 2-3 days pass and i haven't repeated, i forget most of things. Strange :). 

Sooo, i need some advice cause i no longer know how to learn the language faster. I have 2 more years left tO be able to speak. Thanks in advance! Kiss! 



Unfortunately there is no a good transelation program for Arabic .. It's difficult to find the perfect translation to Arabic. but if you have any question please feel free to contact me :)

I cannot recommend the Michel Thomas language method more highly. Give that a go. I hope it goes well for you.

Thank you very much, Sean! I had the app already but for spanish :) didn't know they had arabic version, too. Very helpful! 

Shrief, umfortunately i am a beginner, it would be annoying for u to see how little i know to speak. Thanks anyway! I'll contact you when i shall be able to chat a bit in arabic


Antonia, Has your teacher taught you how to read Arabic script with vowel markings? If you learn Arabic script and it's vowel markings then there's no need to write Arabic in Latin letter and you'll never forgot how to pronounce your vocabulary. Learning Arabic in Latin letters is not very beneficial.

Yes, i know how to read. But when i have to translate sentences as homework, i need the vowels to be able to understand things better. especially because arabic, in my opinion, is all abt voweling

I am Sameh From Egypt ,i am Arabic Teacher and i have experience in teaching foreigners , we can Exchange our languages , interested !
see you soon
Bye :

i can help you with michel thomas method

and i can help in arabic too

and try not to translate literally

a lot of things are different

for instance:- in arabic we use some combination of signs above and under the letters to make them sound like vowels (a,o,e) so you can read the same word with three diffrenet meanings depending on the sign



so you can see the following link:-


When you need to ask about any thing about Arabic just ask me :) my native language is Arabic

i know what u feel me too , but arabic is not hardly , u want learn go to this Site

I wish you and me luck for learning

ind im soory im not in english :(


I suggest you f8nd a resident arabic native speaker in your area . Unfortunately you wont won't find a good app to help you ???? btw I've got a half cast romanian arab friends may be they will help you .

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