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If you have two choices A. A ton of gold or B. happiness with simple life . what are you going to choose ?



A ton of gold. People say you can't buy happiness, but that's obviously just because they aren't rich enough.


A ton of gold... with these, not only you could be happy, you could also make other people happy by using it wisely...

The first one. There is no happiness. Life never be simple.

Anyway, I will never have a ton of gold. =(

I am wondering if you can hold a happy and  cozy life without a tone of gold . No matter where you live and work, money is indispensible , however, it is a good question to push most of the people to reflex the issue.

If you could guarantee the happiness, then I'd choose that. The reason people want to be rich is because it makes them happy.


Of course, no one can just offer happiness,  so I'd go with the gold in real life.

A. A ton of gold.. Your live more simple and happy if you are rich.

Some guys are right and I can not say that others are wrong but every one lives life in the way he or she likes but at the end it should be in the right way with getting the full happiness :)

must be B

A ton of gold. Moods don't stay permanent and simplicity bores me.


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