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What makes you proud about your country



traditional culture and hardworking people :P

Yes, Vicky Shen. You really can feel proud of your country's rich history

My country is very technologically advanced:)

In France : food of course :)

jordanians are very peaceful and friendly

I am italian but i am from Naples....we are hospitable and funny 

I guess it's the rich history and the cuisine. After all, Turkey got through lots of multi-cultural eras.

Diversity of people, as well as freedom of thought, religion, speech, ideas, etc...

United States Federal Tax court Judge said: If we Amrican made a mistake, or doing something wrong, we must admit and make correction "


In tax dispute, I won 50% in the judgement, but I like the federal tax court judge statement.

Nice, guys! We are what we are. It's good that all of us have a reason to be proud of our countries.

Georgians are famous for their hospitality as well. My native country gas a great history and rich traditions too. I am Georgian and it' makes me proud.

Thank you very muchfor contribution.

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