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To swap ideas on series & documentaries


Hi everybody,

I'm looking for someone who likes the same kind of series and documentaries like I do and then I'd like to talk about them on skype, to improve my english skills. Preferably it should be an english-german or an english-french constellation. I like series like "Heroes", "Being Human", "Six feet under" (not seen yet), "Warehouse 13" (not seen yet), "Lost", "Raising Hope", "Dexter", and so on. As for the documentaries, well I don't have preferences. But there are many documentaries available for free on youtube or on etc.

So, I hope you like my idea and I'm looking forward to read from you :) Have a great time!



Hello Sarah,


I'm also a big fan of TV Shows.

6 feet under is a good drama, do not expect to be thrilled by the action because there is not. But the characters are interesting and the theme of "funeral house" is not common.


These days I'm watching Breaking Bad, a very good show, the character Walter White is very interesting.


There is so many shows I've seen that it would be hard for me to do a list :)




Hello, the TV shows I like are not very different from the ones you like. To me, "The Walking Dead" is the best show ever. "Dexter" is one of my favorite too, but in the second place, it would rather be "Game of Thrones."

I am the only one on earth to dislike "Walking Dead" ? just a TV Show about zombies...

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