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Did you ever meet a boss whose English is fucking weak, most of the sentences have no gramma and the accent is even more confusing.  But actually he think his English is excellent, if you don't understand, it's your problem. Your English is too poor!!!! 只想说,破你妹儿,你英语才特么的破!!!



There was a guy like that in high school. No one could understand what he was saying a lot of the time, so we just nodded our heads and said 'yeah, I agree with that'. He always complained about how other foreigners couldn't speak English, even when they spoke it better than him.

Haha, they are "Jipin" in Chinese.

Haha I like how you have a word for that. What are the characters?

thanks, character of what?


‘jipin’ 用汉字怎么写?('what are the characters') 老鬼


还有:‘破你妹儿’ 是不是说脏话?:)

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