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Qual è la lingua più bella per Lei e perché?




è la lingua Italiana, senza dubiti! Perchè suona come una belissima canzone :) E anche perchè è molto espressiva

For me it's French and Italian, and other romance languages. I have a question for Azra, do Italians consider their language to be beautiful? I'm asking because often native speakers can't appreciate their own language the way foreigners do.

Ciao Azra


In my opinion the Spanish is the most beatiful language in the world. It's simple, linear and has an engaging sound. If I knew the english fluently, i would be interested in studying the spanish.
But now my goal is improving my english skills through the helping of all.

About, instead , my mother tongue, i think that while it is loved by many foreigners, it is not helpful if you work abroad or if you travel a lot.

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