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are you agree with me??

I do not meant to insult the Chinese, but they ask a lot of questions in the same time,i'm wrong?



Italki is in HK, China.  They are the host, you are the guest.


Have you ever learn the social manner ? 

What do you mean by 'they ask a lot of questions in the same time' ?  



Those who ask more questions , they may want to get more information about something. 

Please be patient

no,This is normal in China

Every one seems to totally  get it .I am really confused .

Well , I can just say sorry because I don't realize that I often ask a lot of questions in the same time .


Maybe these questions are not really questions ?

If somone say 'Hey ,how are you ? Long time no see ! It's really cold ,isn't it ? Have I told you that I joined the school football team ? Will you watch the match next Sunday ?' , s/he must be a very out-gong person with great enthusiasm.I would say "Yes .it depends " then ask s/he about the school footbal team or just move on to other topics .Nor s/he or me mean any offense.

You don't need to answer all the qusetions .




In China 'manners' seem not to include the concepts of waiting for your turn, or queuing, so people will interrupt, or push ahead of you, particularly when shopping, buying tickets, talking to customer service, or when several people want to ask questions at the same time, and no-one is willing to wait for another to finish speaking.  Queuing has improved, but queue jumping is an irritating fact of life in China.  Is that what you mean?

please i repeat that i don't meant to insult to chinese people,i'm not afraid from anyone,i respect them..for example if you are talking about a subject with a chinese,he don't let you accomplish your idea,,ok,,i say to my self,it's not a problem,the problem is that this phenomenon repeats many time and they don't let you finish what ever you are talking about.

Yes, Here are this kind of people but I dont have words to explain the phenomenon.

Dont know how to rise.

It is a very strange situation too

@ laoqui32


The acceptance of living standard for Britishs and Americans,  do what the normal people would do at the same situation. Chinese are normal people, they will do what the other normal peole would do if they were in UK or US.    


" Queuing " I understand what you means, but we do not use this word for in line.


Chinese are very polite. In US,  they always ask the person in of him/her:  Are you in line Mister/Ms ?


If you can not accept the normal people living standard, you are abnormal. I would not replacing the " queuing " for " in line" unless I move to Australia.

you are really cute ! i am a chinese , did i ask u many questions ? me , i dont mean to insult u too here .but what is your mean ? really , i did not find what you want to say about chinese ppl from your question ?   pls say clearly ! thanks 











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