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What do you think about Japan?



I think this country of high technology but also beautiful plase with worderful nature and oldest traditions.

Sorry for my mistakes

I think this country of high technology but also beautiful place with wonderful nature and oldest traditions.

Very good, but a little oddly sometimes

Japanese people are grateful and very kind

When I hear the word "Japan," I think about the fact that:


1. It is an extremely beautiful country (cherry blossoms, etc.).


2. It still has some very old cities (e.g., Kyoto).


3. The crime rate is very low. (People can walk on the streets at night, and no one will hurt you.)


4. The people are taught to have good manners, for it is a very small country and there are many people. So good manners are necessary  in order to have an orderly, peaceful country.


5. The vast majority of people are Japanese. (They look alike, they speak the same language, they have the same social values, etc. I think that this is the reason that your country is so peaceful and successful.)


By the way, the whole world was so impressed by the Japanese people when you had that horrible tsunami tragedy a few years ago: the people were so well-behaved.  There was no looting or violence. People in other countries thought: What orderly people the Japanese are!

@M_rk_s Negative?!! How? You talk about Japanese warcrimes as if the Japanese have a long bloody history of wars?! Then what about the U.S?!! the U.S has commited a lot of atrocities and there is no need to mention them as they are well known for all people. As for apologizing, again the U.S didn't apologize for anything they've done so far.


The Japanese people are kind, polite, smart and beautiful. The Japanese have a strong will. The countury is really beautiful and the Japanese people respect all people. The problem with you European & Americans of course is that you don't see the real you. Europe has the worst, bloody, violence history in the world. The ultimate in this circle of blood between you Europeans was the WWII. You should first think negativley about europe and then when you compare it with Japan, you will find that it's nothing.

Moreover, Japan was unfairly punished with worst punishment ever. The Automic Bomb. Thus, they don't need to apologize any more.

@Ahmed: I think you don't even know what Japan has to apologize for. You don't know what Japan has done before and during the WWII. And it does not have anything to do with europe or america and how nice japanese people are. Ok you don't like western countries. Keep that bias to yourself but please don't bring it up on whole another matters.

@Joon I know what they've done but not in detail. I didn't like his way because it's unfair. He doesn't like the Japanese because of their crimes against humanity and because they didn't apologize for it. I just wanted to remind him that Europe and the U.S has done the same atrocities. I am not defending the Japanese and I am not critsizing the westerns. I didn't like the man's way of seeing things. Sorry if I said something wrong.

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