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What if there was only one language then would't it be easy for everyone



Yes, it would be easy for everyone, but it would take away my biggest interest: language. Language is what I spend all my days doing, and if I didn't have language then I would not have anything to do during my days.

It is unthinable for all people living on earth  to have only one language and it is apparently a disaster as i know and  it is pathetic as well .Because many customs or cultures were burried in language by our ancestors and they create their unique words or language to view the world . Some of unique vocabluary or phrases were made   to overcome daily obstacle or to describe some delicate emotion which can not be replaced by other foreign words . Some of them are wise and with profounding significance.


Well , it is absolutely so convenient for people who need to learn 2rd language  , however, you will lose plenty of things that is quite remarkable and charming in the world. 

Maybe , it would be convinient. However, I am not sure that it would be good. Langiage is a part of the peoples' hystory. It's a result of their experience and an indicator of their habits and traditions.

Which language do you want to have as regular one? The oldes languages inthe world of the most widespread?

I like my language, it's idioms and proverbs. Mire over I am proud of it. It's the only one in the word.

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