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Let‘s discuss about “CHEATING”!

I like to participate in English Speech Contests because I think it a good chance to practise both writing and speaking skills. And since I get to know many English-speakers here, I sometimes ask them to correct errors in my speech drafts. 


The problem is-----Is it a cheating??


I think in China, peeking, cheating sheet, plagiarizing a paper and knowing the questions before the exam are definitely cheatings, (However in my mind, as to writing a paper, if you paraphrase others' word then it's not plagiarism. And as to the homework, you are free to discuss it with others as long as you do not copy it :)


But I'm not sure what it's like when it comes to a speech contest.


Sooooo how do you define cheating (academically) in your culture? 

I'm keen to hear your opinion.






Nice topic!

First of all, it would better to say Let's disscuss cheating, without about

As for me, everything good in moderation. If sometimes you need a help and someone corrects your writting with fine comments, what not.

However, if you do it regularly , it's not good for your knowledge.

Thanks Keit!

Yes. I noticed that improper "about" as soon as I submitted the discussion but I was to lazy to delete it and start a new one haha. Thanks anyway:)

@CJ Hepp



I've never heard rules of such contest either.

But I "wikied" it (I'm really interested in this topic haha) and the definition of it says "It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation."

I'm just curious about the 'rules' :)

AND let's keep it to cheating not "plagiarism" pls.


The sentece I wrote "as to writing a paper, if you paraphrase others' word then it's not plagiarism." is very wrong on a second thought, for plagiarism is a far more complicated topic to discuss:)


Nothing wrong with asking someone to proof-read you work and suggest improvements or change.


Just so long as you don't find someone giving an identical speech as a result!!! 老鬼

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