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Do they really want to learn foreign languages here?

I think is a great place for people to learn foreign languages. In my opinion, the people who use this website just want to learn foreign languages and are willing to help others, but recently I found that not all the people want to learn foreign languages here. Instead of having written notebooks or corrected notebooks for others or joined any discussion, some men chatted in dirty way. Do they really want to learn foreign languages here?




I haven't seen this, but of course I don't see the private chat.  You have two recourses when you meet such people:

1. Report Concern allows you to report unsavoury messages

2. Block allows you to ditch the guy concerned.


As for the question of wanting to learn the chosen foreign language, it is easier (and I am lazy) for me to offer English corrections than it is to write in 汉字 so I spend much time correcting.  Besides, having written a Puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrfect piece of Mandarin prose or poem, I come back next day only to find someone has ripped it to shreds 哎,真讨厌,真不好意思哈哈哈。



Hi laogui32

Only if you were a young lady or pretty girl , you would know them. They can find you , add you as a friend and chat with you in a dirty way!  

I am a new user. I believe this wonderful site is supposed not to be a virtual space to practice and also learn dirty words as spoken in different languages. I think what laogui32 suggests is effective in discouraging those who are attempting to do such thing. Who knows...

Yes, there's such problem. I find it so funny. I mean, why would somebody write to unknown girl from another part of the world? Even if she says "yes" - is he going to pick up bags and get on the plane?


Baka not in reality book tickets and pack bags, but the next thing is SKYPE, Webcam and importuning for nudity etc etc, plus harassment.  Never give your phone number out, or your Facebook.  At least you can block and delete from SKYPW/QQ 老鬼

i couldnt agree more!!!!!!!

i hate those men who want to use cam for video sex! :(

I even wonder it is really useful for video sex? Stupid!

I've noticed this too.


The worst is when someone asks a question, like "What do you think about so and so French movie?" and the discussion gets flooded with unrelated replies like:




I think it's just rude and it kind of ruins the experience for me on here.

But thankfully there are also the wonderful people like above, who actually contribute to this place.

If not for them, I would've left this place.




well ivan saxonov... with your attitude i bet you are one of those idiots using this website to contact women for sex in front of the cam because with your attitude you woun't get any intelligent woman! thank god or whom ever that not every man is like you. next time, please save your thoughts for your self. thank you in advance.

I do not think there are many opportunities to exchange your language with others here on this website . It is a good and wonderful website I have to admit . It is inevitable to meet some fraction of people are coming here for chasing their romantics .The best policy is to make sure which guy really want to help your language learning before you give skype account to this guy . How to make sure this point ? I am convinced that you can confirm it by checking out personal relative records  .  More points and prominent records can tell you what this guy is trying to do. Most people who are native speakers are not tolerant enough to correct your pronunciation or writing  , perhaps of totally free service  . But rather , why don't you change your mind , it is a good way to talk with people from different culture background. It is good way to train your writing skill here . subsequently  , your speaking ability will be intensified efficiently by such interactive talks as i know it.


As for those lowly men , do not waste any time to deal with them . The best way to do is never pay any attention to them and block it instantly you found they are not the guy who really want to learn language.

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