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How do you study English?

I  want  to  find  an  interesting  way  to   study  English ,can   you  tell   me?




By reading lots of books, talking with a native speaker, go to school and you can have a tutor.

It would be interesting if you are trying to make friends with foreigners or you are travelling all over the world . Other than that , English has to take some effort to make progress and you need memorize  some fundamental vocabulary and familiar with grammar to speak it fluently.

Thank  you


Try finding websites that have games made and designed to help you learn the language.  I am doing that with Hebrew, I found some excellent games made on purpose to increase language skills, for example one that helps me learn the verbs, another that helps build vocabulary, etc.  Maybe do some web searches for "learning English game, or fun".  You can search in your mother tongue, or in English.  There likely are a few good games for English. 

Also I found some programs that have flashcards, that help you can memorize words very quickly and test your knowledge.  I really enjoy these. 

Also I listen to music in the language.  I have a lot of Hebrew music that I listen to while memorizing my vocabulary, I really enjoy that.  And it really helps to get used to the sound of the language and the pronunciation. 


Try finding a book or program that you know well and love, and find it translated into English.  I personally love reading the Bible, and I found an excellent reading of it in Hebrew.  I thoroughly love listening to the Bible in Hebrew, and I listen to this Hebrew reading while reading the printed copy myself either in Enlish or in Hebrew.  I so love doing this!!


And another thing to do is to get a conversation friend or pen-pal and write to each other or get together on Skype.  I have a pen-pal, and that has helped me a lot also.

If you need help correcting some writing I don't mind to help.

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