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Friends, I need advice...)))

How not to be nervous, when you are defending you diploma project in front of the heap of professors???



you should be well prepared and anticipate their questions and everything will be smooth don't worry 


BTW don't be afraid and congratulations :)

Thanks))) but it's easy to say...don't worry)))

I would suggest you can rehearsal on your own and simulate the real situation in advance . Ask several possible questions that is easy to be questioned during your presentation  . I used the same way to filter my thesis and pass through my postgraduate degree. I prepared several problems that is aiming to my weakness of my thesis before formal test . Of course , your thesis must be check out deliberately  and some trace of thought should be filtered again . All you have to do is present what you have . Keep calm and smiling during the entire course.  If you are well prepared , over nervous is unnecessary.

I felt this feeling before in my graduation will be nervous at the beginning..but  when you start talking this feeling will disappear ..then you will be very focused...

Thanks, guys))) I'll try to do my best))

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