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Mistakes in Spoken English

Anyone knows some efficient ways to imporve spoken English?

Usually I can use English to express myself and make people understand me without thinking, which should be a good thing. However, there are always some little mistakes in my talks. For example, I sometimes forget to add "s" after a verb which follows "he" or "she". Such mistakes, though would not lead a misunderstanding, are still problems that cannot be ignored.

So, Does anyone have some tips for me?



I think you practise, practise. More practise, more remember. You should listen real English, not in textbook. You can learn by a method of AJ Hoge. 

Practice surely would be a wonderful method, But it's hard to find an available English speaker who wants to exchange for Chinese.

I understand Edward well, because I grapple with the same problem. Usually Americans and the British assess my English as advanced, and say there few mistakes in it. But I couldn't find a way to eliminate them steadily.
For example, I've discovered recently that it is incorrect to say 'She explained me her behavour.' Doh!
I guess all what I need now is an English native who has the same problem, so we could keep an eye out for mistakes of each other and correct them when we notice any.

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