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Did help you with improving your language skills, so far?

Hello friends,

I am relatively new here and just wondering did help you? Did you make some good language buddies? I kinda like that concept. =))


By the way, if someone is interested in learing german and wants to teach me some french, just text me... =)





Italki iteslf didnt help me but it was a good place to find some good friends .

Italki help me because I can speak with native english or german speaker. I also learn new words and new cultures :)

Italki took a while before it helped me, but it has. I don't really find the notebook feature or anything very useful (lang-8 is better for that, the community is friendlier), but with some searching I've been able to find kind people who will do language exchanges with me, which is great for learning new things about cultures and different people - and stuff about languages that nobody will ever teach you in school.


It has helped me find a few people to practice Spanish with on Skype. However, it's difficult to sort through people who are serious about languge learning and those who just want to have random friendly conversations. 


Yeah Italki helps me :)

Thank's guys for all your answers. Good to hear that it helps you with learning.

...and thank you Joshua for your advice concerning lang-8. I took a look at this website. Seems to be a good altenative to =)

I have learnt a lot from corrections in the languages I have been learning. Many of these devoted souls are not in my following list technically, though.


I've been learning a lot by taking classes. I wish my progress was faster, but I can only afford about one class a week. I have noticed a difference though since I started.

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