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Do you remember how was your life before the internet?

Hello Friends, Yesterday my little brother ask me about my childhood, and how me and my friends used to have fun, and i think it was a very interesting question, because when i was a kid, i remember here in my country the internet conection was simply impossible and non-existent and remember I used to expend my time playing football, baseball or any other sport with my friends,but now many people including childrens spend his time in front of the PC or playing video games and i think is very sad, because in my opinion, on a strange way life was more exiting before the internet and other comunication and actual tecnology stuff.



I appreciate your corrections and comments, thanks a lot



I remember it very well because I started to use internet very often only two years ago. Before I used the phones when I wanted to chat with my friends and I had lots of time for reading books and my hobbies. I got an information from newspapers, magazins and from TV, but to have internet now it is very convenient 

you know what, I was thinking this very thing this morning! I was going to write it as a discussion thread but you beat me to it. :p I think the Internet is a tool,  like any other, and can be used for both great and terrible things. but the worst thing in my view is how people find it so hard to put down and live without it for a while - especially younger people. i grew up as the internet was in its advent so it doesn't dominate my childhood memories, and i think most kids would be better off if they messed around outside first and internetted later in life, when they've learned to control their own use of it.. there's more outside in the world than just Facebook!

Well, my childhood was before the internet but me and my friends still spent many hours behind the TV playing the 8-bit nintendo and later the super-nintendo. Not that we never went outside and read comic books or did other things.

now .. there is more fun.. but after a time you get bored

before .. ther was less fun .. but you would not be bored




I am 76 years old.


I remember NOT ONLY what life was like before the Internet BUT ALSO what life was like before television!

Hello, thanks for this interesting topic!

Life before internet it really was but now it's hard even to imagine it)))

People can make choice, to have something in real life or in virtual. After work my colleages like stay and play at games in social networks, I prefare to play at real life, sport gives this chance!

Unacceptable to have better part of life virtual)))

Was much harder, now with internet everything is simpler,cl no more waiting in stores to buy supplies, clothes, or sending letters, it saves me lot of time. I do like playing video games and stuff like that but  Internet didnt stop me from doing what i always did like playing sports or going out.


First, thanks for all comments, and Azra you're right ... But here is the real question are we saving time for what? this question seems to be simple but it's really an interesting topic to analize, how people thanks to internet can do more things but they really don't have much time for anything, i mean we lives as fast as we can and in the same way we do these things but at the end we don't have time to enjoy life. I don't know if you get my point. For example many people go to dinner or to share some time with friends or family and in the same time they're chatting or looking for what's going on facebook or twitter through it's smartphones, In my personal experience sometimes they seems to be more interested on those things. (I mean virtual stuff and social relationships on line) than in real life


Before Internet, BBS with modem 2.4K ;-)


I remember playing video games with friends and doing a lot more outdoor activities, especially in the spring and summer.

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