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Party every day!



would that be correct?




I probably understand it but パーチsounds like Japanese young children are saying (baby talk). I like it though. If it's deliberately meant as an informal way, it'd be okay because there is no strict rule.


パーティー is the one officially registered as a party in Japanese dictionaries.

Thatで isn't necessary here. Good luck with your study.

毎日パーティーする! is correct way to say. :)

I wish I had a party everyday!! haha




si quieres decir "hacemos todos los dias", seria "毎日パーティーをする”.

o si quieres preguntar si es bueno hacer fiesta todos los dias, yo te contestaré "pués...como no amiga!!".xd


↑correccion;"como no amigo"

lo siento

Thanks guys! This helped a lot! 

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