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What is the most friendly place for a first visit to China?

I am leaving in January around my 18th birthday to go to China for 2 weeks, I was wondering what a natives opinion on a relatively friendly province for a new traveler would be?(A mandarin speaking province)



HuNan province

What do you think of Fuzhou?

Beijing may be a good choice

In my opinion , the big city would be preferable for most foreign tourists first time to visit Mainland China . You can be familiar with their culture and living manner in metropolis sooner than some other rural areas. I heard a foreign tourist was warned to encounter criminal problem alone by train . I think that is not relatively safe to a alien tourist , so rather,  Beijing would be a good option for you as Kara advised above unless you have better idea.


human landscape or natural landscape, which do u prefer?

no doubt, Amoy(Xiamen)!

if u r interested in coming here, i could be a guide for free...

one night in Beijing...

there is a old saying in china."east or weast, Guilin is the best". i'm chinese and i'm living in Guilin now. i think Guilin is the best place for travelling. first, the scenery in Guilin is very beatiful, the green mountains and clear water constitude the most picturesque Guilin. second, the price of commodity is not much expesive, and people in Guilin are very nice. third, the long history of Guilin will bring a lot of fun for every travelers.i hope the answer is not to be late.


Nanjing is a beautiful city.People in Nanjing are very hospitable.If you want to go to Nanjing,the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum is a good place to visit.

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