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introduce our hometown everbody

I'm from in Beijing hometown is very flourishing. 



Hello. I'm from Saint-Petesburg Russia. It's large historical and touristic centre. The famous feature of Saint-Petersburg is "white night" and drawbridges like that:

hello,nice to meet you.Russia has a lot of good songs,i like very much.

Have you ever been to place is the drum tower, the distance is very close to the north sea. My mother's home near tiananmen square


我住在澳大利亚 (Wǒ zhù zài àodàlìyǎ)


北京是一个美丽的城市 (Běijīng shì yīgè měilì de chéngshì)


I just got back from Beijing on Saturday. Nice city with great historical places to visit.


I stayed in 王府井(Wángfǔjǐng)

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