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What is your first full time or part time job and how was it?

I am looking for a part time job because I am during my holiday in Australia. However, I find it is just so hard to get a job that you are satisfied with and another thing is owners always want experienced people and I am wondering how are those experienced people from if no one gives them chances and tells them how to do.


So I want to know what is your fist part time or full time job and how was it? It couldn`t be better if you want to share something funny happened when you work. Cheers!



You are absolutely right . Employers prefer to choose experienced people as their workers. But the preposterous is every experienced employee must have his first time . Then problems could come to your mind , where is the first job?  Look to the opposite side, if you were the boss , would you like to engage a freshman without any social experience ? I guess you would hesitate as you do not want your job to be messed up and now this young man ahead is so childish and immature , so ....what would you do ?? .


My conception is the first work is the most challenging for your future career and all you have to do is to show your capacity and confidence . Remember your confidence must be based on your intelligence , langauge proficiency and maturity rather than your mere exaggeration . Almost all bosses like their employees are intelligent and considerate . No boss would choose a young big boy with carelessness . Prepare well your CV at first and make this CV very engaging . I think CV is the first step to succeed , and then , hand over everything else to your GOD . You GOD in your soul will lead you to the destination .




My first job was delivering newspapers to people's houses in the morning.  I did this from the age of 12 until I was about 16.


It would take me about 45 minutes a day every morning before school, riding around my town on my bike.  Some days, especially on Sundays when the newspapers in the UK have lots of different sections, I swear the bag I had to carry was heavier than I was!  I used to save up most of my wages so that I could buy tickets to Arsenal football matches.



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