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Which contries have you visited

Which countries have you visited and most beautiful conuntry from it in your opinion



hmmmmm..... good question Mr.Malik..... i have visited Afghanistan,Pakistan as well as Ozbakistan.... and my opinion Afghanistan is si beotifol than others ...thanks :)


thanks for your nice answer and all the best to muslims in afghanistan

I have visited 4 or 5 countries.


For me,the most beautiful conuntry is China. I always remember my hometown, a very small village in south china. Un-polluted mountains, rivers and farms perform a beautiful view, and the people are very kind.


But all of these have changed past few years. I only can see those beautiful place in my dream.


china is very beautifull

best wishes

Hello Malik. 


Until now, I have been in two foreign countries. I visited Russia about three years ago and United Arab Emirates recently. Iran is very beautiful and has lots of historical places which fascinate everyone. I liked both Russia and Emirates. I gained valuable experiences in each trips and enjoyed getting to know various people from different cultures. 


Hello Amene

very happy with your comment and your name which in Arabic means the nice meanings , agree with you Iran is a very beautiful country I know friend  there has always send to me landscape pictures 

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