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Do you think Asia people look alike?




well, I can´t distinguish between people from there, I have heard that it may be offensive if I called a person from Japan chinese or backwards, It is difficult for me to distinguish between people from China, Japan, Korea or Asian countries, In particular I like Asian cultures. I have meet people from China, and they are very nice. Here in my country when a person from Japan or Korea we called Chinese he/she gets angry and immediately answer I am not Chinese, I am Japanese. So I prefer to ask where are you from? before to assume that a person is from a specific country.  


ASIAN <3 <3 
i can distingue between them :D they are so lovely and cute respectful and polite

chinese have yellow skin with small eyes ( like han nation one of the famous traditional nation in China) korean are hmm white ( most of them ) but u can know them from the eyes they are a bigger 

japanese have puffed eyes ...

Of course not. that's stereotyping. I can't logicaly agree with such an Idea. What?! All of the asians are twins?!! The fact that one can't distinguish the Japanese from Korean or Chinese, doesn't mean that they are identical twins. Usually and generally speaking, one can't distinguish twins from each others. That's why I used the twins analogy. Sorry if it doesn't convince any one.

I used to say that but now it's totally NO they are not ^^

In the 70's, most people prefer sex bombs. Asians were decribed as skiny. Therefore, asians were not fit into the sex bomb category.  if someone wrote that all Asians look alike, it means no asians to their favor.


Nowadays, most people go to the gym, do exercises to keep fit, cut down their food intake in order to reduce their body weight. Sex bombs are no longer their preference. On the other hands, people like the skinny/slim type of body.


You may have seen some Americans married Asians. Those people married Asians may give you a better answer. Today, Skinny/Slim body are people mostly wanted. In my opinion, asians are skinny/slim.  They all look alike is a compliment which means all asians are beautiful.


@ahmed, A non asian guy married an asian woman and screw her sisters. claimed that all asians look alike as his defense. He was sent to jail.  I don't think someone here wanted to be the next victim, actually You can fool yourself but you can not fool the public. 

Actually , before I learned english and its culture , I cannot tell apart all caucasian people very precisely . It does not matter with racism at all , but rather,  my sole problem is I am not so familiar with different caucasian faces only  .I usually confused some movie stars shown up on the TV channel .To recognize someone's face is not my professional . Since I began to watch English TV more and  dip more  their culture  , I found British and American have different culture in  spite they share the similar appearance . Not everyone who speaks english has similar culture . They are not always sharing the same life style and thought as Hollywood movie showed.

Asian people share the similar traits indeed but that does not mean they are all the same . 


They don't look alike, but in Japan many girls tend to follow the same fashion and make-up trends in order to look like popular celebrities. I think that's partly the reason why some non-Asians find Asians look similar...

It's a simple matter of fact that human facial recognition is more finely tuned to faces a person commonly sees. Thus, a black person living primarily around black people will think that non-black people look a lot more homogenous than black people do. A white person living primarily around white people will think the same thing. And so on and so on.

So yes, when I look at Asian people, they appear superficially similar to each other, because I'm not typically surrounded by Asian people. Obviously if five random Asian men or women were lined up, I'd be able to tell the difference between them. Duh. But because my brain is not used to immediately differentiating subtle Asian facial features, it's not as intuitive. If I were to live in, say, Kyoto for two years, at the end I'd be a lot better at separating Japanese faces than I was before.

This has nothing to do with prejudice, of course. It affects literally every person, and it's simply a standard behavior of our brains. Our "facial recognition" abilities are really only tuned for a specific species to begin with (I dare you to put ten random pictures of killer whales together and then tell them apart), and since there's a lot of non-trivial facial differences between different ethnic groups, we only "store" the differences of the group members we frequently work with. This can obviously be overcome with immersion into a new group, and it indicates nothing at all about a person's prejudicial tendencies (aka racism) towards any particular group. 


I know there are a lot of comments, but I just wanted to add a small one.


After I lived in China for a few months, I got on the airplane to come home to America. I was on a Korean flight, and it blew my mind how different the Korean stewardesses looked from the people I had been associating with in China. Then, when I got home I met a guy who was studying aboad and I instantly knew he was Japanese, because of his face shape.


Simply put: No, Asians do not all look alike. But, to western culture, we have so much variety with hair color, weight, height, etc that some people may just overlook the more subtle differences.

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