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What is your MOTIVATION?


What is the source of your motivation of doing things...?

Please share...:)




I think that the source of my motivation is my girlfriend, our future and faith in the power sotstvennye.
I'm used to reach only himself and I think it's a great motivator:)

It's a large question. Motivation of doing what? Sometimes it's money, sometimes it's interest and desire to discover something new. Sometimes it's needs of my family.


Michail Safonov, that is so sweet...Say hello to your girlfriend. 


Ayad...keep going! ;)

for me, my motivation often comes from mountains. I used to visit the alps/pyrenees a lot as a child and I find the majesty and timelessness of them inspiring :). but very often people motivate me too especially those who you can look up to or admire.

p. S. nice question ^^


Thank you Will Forster! :)

this is a recording of myself answering your question, I spoke specifically about learning english which is my main goal right now.

famous inspirational people

 my motivation is slow music ..

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