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How to increase cooperation between Western and Muslim societies?

It's no secret that there is somewhat of a tension between Western and Muslim societies. All of this is not good and only breeds more hatred and suffering (as Yoda would say) for everyone involved. Do you think this problem is solveable, and what do you think would help?



All problems have solutions. Sometimes it is easy to observe others from a distance and cast judgments on them without even attempting to approach or understand them. It is unlikely for governments to change their policies anytime soon, but so much can be done on an individual level. With an open mind and the right attitude, we can let go of all of our preconceived notions and be more accepting. There should be more individual efforts to initiate dialogue between the East and West, and they shouldn't be driven by any political agendas. And if traditional media was outweighed by unbiased journalists who are determined to spread awareness and bring worlds closer, we'd have something else. I remember reading somewhere about a group of young people who distributed flowers to random people in the street and gave them a card that says something nice about Islam/Muslims. That followed the release of the anti-Muslim film produced by Copts in 2012. That's the kind of effort I'm hoping to expect from both worlds. I know this sounds so cliche, but an act of kindness goes a long way. 

you must first understand Islam in fact, do not judge a problem before you know it, because you understand your own mind. do not ever read and interpret it yourself. because you are not a Muslim, you should ask the Muslims actually not liberals. because Islam is not necessarily all of them Muslim, so you must first understand how the religion of Islam was the truth, then just be judging.
you just a bit of reading about the AL-qura'an, and even then you understand it comes from the people themselves are not muslims,

sorry if my english is not good.
thank you, it's my opinion.

The problem is not Islam itself. One of the big problems are the Salafites. This muslim branch, which founded all these terrorist groups known as Al-Qaida, Taliban, Abu Sayyaf (Philippines) etc. They are the ones spreading terror and violence and use the Quran for their sick beliefs, which have nothing to do with the Quran. For example, in the german city of Cologne a Salafist said last December, that everyone who celebrates Christmas will burn in Hell. But if he would have read the Quran, he would know that Jesus is one of the most important prophets in Islam and much honored by all real muslims. And then they also would know, that without Israel and Judaism, Christianity and Islam would not exist and so they would befriend with the jews, instead of fighting them all the time. Another problem I see in all industrial countries, no matter which country. They always invade other countries, to make money with their weapons and ammo, by the cost of the peoples blood. Who gave the Taliban the weapons and training during the 80s? USA. Who is fighting the Taliban today? USA. They made much money with that. Russia also. Even Germany. All the big industrial non-muslim countries. If you look into history, it was also the fault of England that the war in Israel and Palestine began and still did not ended today. It was neither the fault of Judaism or Islam. But also some muslim countries earn money by the weapon industry as well. It is not the people themself. It is the politicians and big industry bosses. Religion is nothing more than the excuse for the hellish things they are doing. They are no real believers to me. If they would be, they would fear Jahwe (Allah) and won't do these things.

Respect first! Everybody can have different religion and culture. We don't choose where we born, who our parents will they be, what language do we speak and what religion do we have. But our is human being. We need each other. If we could respect others religion and culture, if we could accept the others on their position, and if we could try to understand to each others opinion, trouble and agonies, I think we could establish a peacefull world. We couldn't want and wait that people leave their religion. It is not fair. Nobody needs to be like us. But we can do and we can respect the others religion and cultures. We don't care the others religion, we must care us the other's personelities and characters. If you accuse people's religion like Steve, if you treat the others as a potential suspect, you get only improved hatred and hostility. As  Der Terminator sad human being has some personelities like hate, hostility, jealousy, envy etc.. If we couldn't find an enemy to fight we would fight our siblings, parents, etc. But this is animal part of human being. We should curb our this part emotions. The other part of human being are from love, peace, friendship, good values etc. We try to support our human being part. We can say these but we should say it is not easy. Especially ones who attact the other's religion and culture like  Steve carry on  gasoline in to this fire. 

This discussion is bringing up some good points, thank you everyone for your input so far. I believe Der Terminator brought up some good points when he said that increasing cultural interaction between us will help to dispel our differences. However, if we do so, we will face some challenges that might need to be addressed. For instance, there are stereotypes on both sides of the fence. I have heard Muslim men say that it's a common belief that Western women are considered loose, and easy to approach sexually. Western people believe Muslims are hostile about defending their religious beliefs, and as a result, they generally don't question Muslims for fear of reprisal and hence more stereotypes and misunderstanding are spread. Anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this?

I think it depends on the people and only of them we can have to find some other radical religion such as christianity, what  I don't understand is that you're talking about Western and Muslims in comparison i think it's a mistake. But I can understand that there are differences between countries like the United States where religion is very important especially in small towns(this may be a stereotype too, sorry) because in other countries the culture is shared by everyone and this,regardless of their origins.

First and foremost, I would like to thank you Ivansomeren. I hope your efforts are fruitful. You are the Noble American whom I love to see.

Second, I agree with chinafan 100%. And by the way guys, whether you believe it or not, I critisize some Muslims more than Christians or Jewish. I also (I don't want to say hate, but I will use it) hate George w. Bush as mush as I hate Nasser ( The second president of Egypt). And I loooove President Bill Clinton as mush I loooove President Sadat ( Egyptian president; the one before Mubarak). We don't hate Americans or christians. How come I hate christians. They've aided Master Muhammed. How come someone helps our beloved and we response by hatred? How?


Third, Guys, I want to say something, and since I am Egyptian, and as all of you know, the 2nd world war also affected  some parts of Egypt. I went to the Grave of German, British soldiers who died there. Guys, they were really young. Ranging from 20-26. All of them are young. and what was the politicians doing at that time? Drinking, eating, probably playing golf and surely having... aaa.. ahem you know.

Believe me these politicians; all of them sit on whatever tables and they talk and laugh and make more money. Did George bush care about the young American soldiers who were killed in Iraq or afgahnistan? I don't think so. He's probaly somewhere now drinking, eating and living his life to the fullest. To tell you the truth guys, we should start by investigating the truth by ourselves. We should really stop listening to our politicians. I don't trust our politicians  in Egypt at all by the way. They don't care about us guys. All the politicans of the world don't care about the people. It's business.


If you don't believe me, thanks to the U.N, Stalin killed over 20,000. This happend when the U.N wanted to define the crime of genocide. Stalin insisted that killing the political opponets should be excluded from the definition. And thanks to that, he has managed to kill the poor Russions. They don't care about us guys. Believe me. they incite the people to hate each other.

bottom line:

We should stop believing our politicans or our governments. They don't care about us.

Sorry, I meant stalin killed 20,000,000 people in Russia. Sorry again.

i love those subjects haha, 

Western countries are occupated by the MEDIA. this virus which attacks those country and controle their mind by putting some ideas about MUSLIM. for western, ISLAM is a nightmare because those those who controle countries i mean presidents and different responsables know and very very well that ISLAM is the right religion and they just want to give the bad idea about it. 
TERROrism is a term, AMERICA creates it to describe muslims and to put this idea in every non muslim brain. because they know that islam will be spreaded so fast and of course they dont want this to happen.
you dont know muslim and you dont know ISLAM so how can you judge something you dont know.

AMERICA and WESTERN created the NWO to fight ISLAM but this was bad for them. haha honestly i thank americans for all the problems they did ( 911 :p ) and all the war they made because this was a reason to bring soooo many western people to convert to islam :D
 Germany, in this country there are german men who become shuyukh there( abu hamza ..) . in France , in Russia , in China ( hussain yee) , in South Korea ( search park dong shin and enjoy :p ) khaled yassin american sheikh :D 

ohhh in this subject there is so much to explain and to say :D i dont want to make you feel headach but its EASY: ISLAM is the RIGHT WAY you will all know this sooner or later :D 

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