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where are crazy people ??

life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy :)



thnx dear and ur very wlc here in morocco any time :)

hahahahaha,heathy meant to tell you that russian is an ethinicity of fighting,kind of crazy,so that's why she said welcome to russia when you asked about where are crazy people.

We are here. because crazy peoples make invention. , bulb, technology, health, internet, vs

They are make invention, but  normal peoples take car,home,work and respect.. 

Who is real crazy ?    I think we 

yeah I'm here

let's see how much are you crazy :)

everyone is crazy for something or for someone.. a person is crazy when his/her heart totally controls his mind where he starts dreaming with open eyes and that becomes his passion.

I think most of all native inhabitants of (including me) are a little crazy))) Do you agree with me??

alla ur right 

thnx guys ;) :*

crazy people  is what the world  needs. do what u want no matter if u are criticised

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