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Do you want to get feedback in your Spanish pronunciation?

Hello I create a new group in voxopop for getting feedback in your pronunciation.


The idea of this group is to help us each other for free with our pronunciation

If you are learning spanish feel free to post your recording (1 minute maximum) and I will give you feedback or if another spanish speakers join to the group they can give you feedback.

I will post some recordings of myself speaking english, please give me feedback. (If you are another spanish speaker and you want to improve your English pronunciation join us)

I really appreciate if your feedback is detailed, and if you want I can record myself speaking what you have said with a proper Colombian Accent.


Thank you.



sounds good, i will try to do some records ASAP

It sounds a good idea.


Why don't you do that here on italki? Everybody can post a one minute recording with their notebook entry.

I have done here but sometimes I don´t get feedback. I suppose that people here are used to give feedback only in writing. That's why I create this group specifically for getting feedback in pronunciation. 

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