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What do you think about Mongolia???



Я ничего не знаю о вашей стране, кроме того что когда-то она была великой империей и думаю хотел бы посетить ее :)

It is a land of wonderful nature 

It is  Genghis Khan's motherland . Horse riding and wrestling are well known by people . You may tell more story about your country here .

Your nation seems to drink too much. I meant many activities have wines to give guests

But they cant bear it.

Well about Mongolia, it's a very good country. It is very rich with natural beauty but climate goes extremely harsh in winters. But it's an incredible place.

Wow!!! I've never thought that you guys have a great info of Mongolia!!! I am impressed!!! By the way, has anyone visited here at least once? If not, my country is one of the places that you need to visit!!! :)

I can't think about Mongolia. I simply love it :-)

I met my first Mongolian friend last year.

She wrote me in beautiful traditional Mongolian letters which I asked for..

Is Korean that popular in Mongolia so as to form a trend to learn nowadays?


Unfortunately nothing. besides a great history.

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