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What do you think of the quality of international subtitles on American movies shown in other countries?

What's up everyone and I'm back again to discuss a question in relation to American films that are seen in other countries around the world.  When watching American films with subtitles, (depending on what country you originate from) do you have trouble understanding the translation of those films as far as the dialogue, the plot or if you are watching a comedy film, the sarcasm or funny remarks by one character in the film?  I often have to rely on English subtitles when I watch international films from countries such as Japan, China and Korea. Sometimes I wonder if what is being said with those films are accurate because the translation in English could mean one thing but when translated back to original language, it's completely different and that confuses me.  Well, please feel free to leave your thoughts/comments on this discussion and if you have any questions for me on this topic, I'll give you a responce as soon as I can.



Hmmm. Interesting question. Well, I can talk only about Arabic translation. Sometimes the translation is really bad. For example, they translate the word (sorry for writing it) "Shit" as "damn it". the F word as "damn it" and so on....



I may go off topic, but recently I watched a Japanese TV programme dubbed in English.  I used to watch the "family" show when I was very young, and I was very happy to find it was on TV again.  But, it did not take too long before the excitement turned into disappointment.  It had been completely ruined by the dubbing and the family show had turned into R-rated. So, I would like to bring out that there are occasions when people do not even bother translating the originals.



It is quite complex, Perhpas they stand on some points to translate languages.

Meaning or words?

And I find I rely on subtitles so much. I ignore voice.

Sometimes, I pay attention to English voice. I find that is totally different words.

So..I dont know whether is it good or not.


Your case is very typical. Here in China we have the same problem with a lot of translating subtitles in movies.  Especially those that invole sacarsm or the style of discourse.  I guess all this is caused by the culture difference.  The wise and humorous remarks can slip away so easily when you translate them into another language. This may be because something in this culture doesn't have an equivalent in another culture, and you could hardly get it unless you take it in its orginal form with some knowledge of culture background. Take my local culture as an example, not all the northern Chinese can appreciate the sense of humor of us (local shanghai people). (They can't speak and understand our dialect, so they can hardly get the sense of humor of us in our speech. )

When I watch some Chinese films or series with english subtitles, sometimes I will think it is very funny, because there are some special words, names, appellations and so on, these words have some special mean or feeling, but the translation changes it.

Hmmm  some good some bad, cause one moive can have many subtitles versions

Hi Twan.

Genuine (not pirate) films do not often have subtitles in Chinese. Usually, voice performers act the roles in Chinese.

When I was young, I watched American films with subtitles which were made by underground producers without authority of the original American companies. The quality of these subtitles varied a lot from film to film and was mostly poor.

These days, volunteers who are interested in the English language and the films or soup operas translate them. So the quality is a lot better, so good that I admire very much.

However, most books translated by professional Chinese translators are terrible. I'd rather read the original English version.

culture shock. the translation is hard to get the exact original meaning

hmm, about the subtitles of films, I havent watched movies for a while. All I can remember is some translations are inflexilble, which would influence me to feel the effect of the orignal language if I didnt learn English. However, I recently watched some Amerian TV shows. And I realize that the subtitiles in the show are really vivid because the translator combine some Chinese network language when translating.

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