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Does anyone have the same problem when they're learning a second foreign language?

My first foreign language was German which I studied for about 2 years. I'm currently in the south of France for a month, and whenever I try to speak or think of something in French, I always unconciously begin to speak or think in German instead. Does anyone else have this problem?



I have the same problem between my first language (english) and my second (german).

I think the only solution is...practicing!!

Good luck :)

Yes! I learned spanish in school but never really practice it. Recently I've been learning Swedish and oracticing it a lot every day, and when I try to think of a phrase in Spanish I'll mix the two, and end up with something like "Quiero att äta la comida china," (I want (Spanish) to eat (Swedish) Chinese food (Spanish)). It's like there's only 2 settings in my mind: English, and "Foreign". But I think it will probably improve with practice :) Good luck!

Always, my native language is Spanish, i also speak English, and went to a German school but i hardly can make a sentence, now i'm learning french, and when i'm trying to say something i make a nice mix of every language, lol!.



it depends on the two languages that you speak. if they are close, like French and Spanish, it is ok to mix as a beginner, it can only help to communicate,hehe.

I have learend English for a long time, I dont have a problem when I learn Japanese, these two language are very different, problem occured when I learn French... they are similar prounciation in many words but very different in grammer... each time before I speak French, I always have English in my mind, basically I replace English words to French into a English sentence...


Yes, I completely understand what you're saying. I first learned Mandarin, and am now learning Cantonese, so when I am trying to come up with a sentence in Cantonese, I always end up speaking Mandarin in my head instead. It seemed really strange to me. I never though to ask anyone else if they experienced the same thing though. Interesting to know that you do experience this as well. Hmmmm

I had this problem especially when the spelling is identic. While learning english I tend to pronouce words as in french.

It's common  situation, but it is very temporary. It will be over soon.

Yeah happened to me too when I was in college. I was learning spanish and german at the same time and I had english and french courses too.. so when I had oral presentations I sometimes mixed all those languages together! :P

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