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Life without religion.

What do you think. Is it possible to live without any religion, or people always needs to believe to something supernatural?



Personally, I think it depends on the person's character, way of thinking and the environment where they grow up.


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Some of people are infidels and they could change in some situation some other time .


If we say that all supernatural is absolutely natural then religion becomes a question of belief.
No one have ever seen a god and it is natural if someone says "I see/I feel god" - it isn't god but just a "feeling of god"
Many people inclined to have such feeling and they like to think that God exist.
It's a belief. People can live without belief :) It's true.

Of course is possible for example im atheist and i have no interest in any religion.

Why not it is possible to live without any religion. But human beign has a lot of demand contarary beign so weak. They need someone who they could want what they need and they could take shelter in. If we don't belive a God, we accept a lot of Gods who they will provide to our needs and they could take shelter in when we had a big trouble. That's why everybody believes a God and they apply when they had a trouble. This is pschological things. But as a real, a nodle has a Master, a letter has a Writer, a building has an Artitect. Could we think this marvellous cosmos, wonderfull nature, excellent creates exist without a Master. This is God. Even we don't belive God is exsist, must exsist. If we believe a God, we live comfortly, relax, if we don't belive a God we suspect about our future and we scare everything. Good luck.  

Azra, maybe you believe in omens, divination and ghosts. Are you absolutely materialist?

macdis57 wrote:  If we believe a God, we live comfortly, relax, if we don't belive a God we suspect about our future and we scare everything. 


This is your ASSUMPTION about how atheists feel.  It's impossible for you to know how it feels to be an atheist because you are a believer, but somehow you still feel qualified to make statements about them. 

but i want to know what is the difference between faith and religion .Before i thought i am not religion ,now i am doubt about it .My mom always 装香拜佛.(i am sorry ,i really dont know how to say it in english ,like buddalish .)And i believe in ghost .

I think when something really heart breaking things happened,religion is the reason to the religious to go on their lives .


This is the kind of thread to go on forever between believers and non-believers trying to persuade each other relentlessly.


My opinion : just FEEL with your heart and soul, that is all.

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