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I'm looking for a book for beginners

I am practicing reading Urdu but it is hard for me to find an easy book in my country. Can anyone recommend me some books for beginners available on line?



Well, I don't know about books. But check online and take lessons. And if you need any help you can ask. I'll be pleased.

Thank for your good advise. Shkria 


I've been having the same problem, but I've found that looking for stories written and posted online often helps. The vocabulary and expressions are often more simplified than a lot of the books available in Urdu. 

My friend brought me this book from Pakistan, but I can't find it on line: "URDU Boal Chaal" by Qamar Ahmad Ali Khan. The explanations are in English. 

There are many books to learn Urdu written by Ahmad Ali Khan, check it out:

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