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What is love for you?



for me ,

love is respect all the person feelings and view 

love is communion between couples

mutual respect and trust

love is positive mix in feelings and sensations between couples

Love it has nothing to do it feelings. People kill other people, and then they say that killed by love. Personally I thing that love is more than simply feelings, love is to sacrifice for other.
An example is a marriage when both, man and woman sacrifice their lifes one another to live together. Think to me, if one day the husband let to feel "love" by his wife, is not mean that he don't love her. People who live by feelings will suffer in the future.

Love is not seeing each other but seeing together to same direction...

only s*x and nothing love.

не хочу ни к кому душевно привязываться

Love is when us more care to someone than to ourselves.

love is selflessness, sacrifice for others happiness, feeling for someone where we feel that the whole world is in her eyes, respect, devote yourself for someone and all the feelings which we can't say in words.. everywhere is love and love has its own world.. where feelings blows everywhere :)

love is trust and accept his/her disavantage .

it meants GOD give up for a human,whenever i'll doing anyone to protect for your life

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