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What do you think about euthanasia?

Recently, I often went to the hospital to take care of my father, so I had more opportunity to know how suffering the patients were when they got serious diseases and almost couldn’t recover their health. So in my openion, Euthanasia is a good way to leave the world if our life has already lost its quality, meaning, and only pain left. What do you think about euthanasia ?




With euthanasia, it is a fine line between being kind and ending one's life without their consent.

Many very sick and dying people are unable to express if or not they want to be euthanized. Allowing euthanasia is like opening Pandora’s box, it allows many uncertainties and legal jargon will get in the way of what is right and what is wrong. This is why there are many organization who are fighting against it.

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I am against allowing euthanasia to become a love one's nightmare and a lawyer's or HMO's golden goose!


I hope that your father gets well soon.



Thank you,Yini! My father is much better now.

Euthanasia looks like a final solutiona, a hopeful Savior to those people who have suffered on beds for years . In some people's ideas , euthanasia can release those patients' souls and suffering by releasing their physical torment . If taking More seriously and going deep into the issue , you would find overwheming problems still there that you cannot take it easy. You might think their lives have been destroyed by their physical torture and so their lives have has lost their original meaning. That is purely your thinking process and consideration .  Well , it appears to be a good idea to bring down their lives by some doctors or some sytems as you will be freed at that time of death . Everything looks so wonderful and Euthanasia seems to be justified


I agree more on Yini's point of view . I do know who can verify those poor people's fortune ,  lives , or even suffering . You never know how suffering they are and you never know how they want to survive either . "Many very sick and dying people are unable to express if or not they want to be euthanized." Besides , doctors are trained to secure , save people's lives instead of cease patients' lives . If permitted , maybe , executioners would be eligible for this task I am convinced .


I'm pro euthanasia for anyone who can make rational decisions on his own life.Wether completely healthy or terminally ill.

And those I'm pro euthanasia for anyone who can make rational decisions on his own life whether completely healthy or terminally ill.

And those who can't make that decision for themselves need to be reviewed by a proper medical panel to judge the condition of the patient and possibilities of recovery, If inspite of vegetative state if there is brain activity.. then at the least give the patient often LSD or psilocybin so they do't become brain dead of boredom.

Just, no.

Yes - there are some illnesses that cause constant excruciating agony to the sufferer. It not only affects them physically but mentally, too. They are bed bound, can't move for fear of experiencing more pain. It affects them emotionally as well. We will often end the life of a beloved animal because it is in too much pain - the animal cannot tell us what it wants but we do what we think is best. However, a human who can tell us how much pain they're in and how they want it to end will just be ignored. Why do we treat animals better then humans? If the person is of sound mind, I do not see why we cannot end their suffering - it is the kindest thing to do. Wanting to keep them with us is just selfish. Obviously, there have to be strict guidelines and laws in place - medical examinations, both physical and mental, must be taken to ensure that there is no cure, the suffering is beyond that which can be relieved through traditional pain treatment, and tests that prove the patient is fully aware of the implications. People say it's playing God - well, I don't believe in God, I believe in what I see and if I see a loved one suffering then I want to do anything I can to help them.

I agree with Lucifel...because her comment mimick the Indian Suprem Court verdict on "Aruna Shanbaug case-2012". In verdict, the SC fixed sound guildines to execute the euthanasia:) 

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