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Does anybody know what we are living for?

There are the words of a great song...but it is not all..and do you know what we are living for?



for our wishes.. wishes are different from person to person.. wishes never stop even in dreams we have some wishes..  some people career oriented who want them prosper. some want god and they live for god worship to meet. some people live for their love once and to fulfill their wishes.  

I am living for myself .I want happy and do what i want to do in this life .Though i know i will die someday ,at least i ever living for myself .It is enough  .

I thought we got out of bed each morning to find that out?

This is a question man has asked himself since time begun. For each and every single person the answer is different for we are not the same. We are indeed similar but not same. THe answer to your question lies within. It is what you want to live for. Fate does indeed decide things out of your hands however, you can make choices and those choices determine the course of your life which ultimately determines what you live for.

i guess our lives are preisless if we aren't serving a purpose (parents are taking care of children,students are learning ,doctor are healing sick people) , but from my religion point of you " we are here to be god's hands and gods maen proving we are here to worship him by following his orders so from this some of us will go to heaven and some others to hell"

There isn't one answer to this question. We shape our lives and you arrange our priorities. It would be so much easier if someone told us what we're supposed to do and how we're supposed to do it. You just find your bless and you take it from there. Whatever you love, excell at it and add a contribution to whatever you're doing in your life. After all, I truly believe that we're here to simply make the world a better place, so we all need to chip in. Many scientists devote years and years of their lives just to come up with one invention that saves the rest of the planet time and effort. Just as others have made our lives easier, we need to return the favor and make the world a better place for the next generations to come.

*we arrange our priorities

beat me


ask your parents, they started it

Maybe for everything that we could take risk of dying for.

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