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What do you know about Armenia?



I know Armenian chess Grandmaster Mr. Levon Aronian.

is it correct ?

Armania is a country which their people love Turkey but their government hates Turkey. 

it is true that chess Grandmaster  is Mr. Levon Aronian. But what  about  loving  Turks  I don't  think so.   It's  a pity  that  we  use  everything made   in  Turky  but we  have a  great  sorrow, which  was made  by  Turkish. I don't wwant to speak  about  the  relationship  between  Armenia  and  Turky  because  someone  can  understand  it as a personal  indignity. But  it is  a fact  that  there  is  something  between  us  wich  we  inherited  from  our  anchestors.


Yes, offcourse, there a lot of things had lived in the past. But history must stay in history. Ones who did bad things are died about one hundered years ago. It was 10 years's war, 30 years' war, first, and second world war between western countries, they were hated eachother but they have build Eeropean Union, they moved border between them and they use same money, Euro. If we scratch historic wounds, if we try to take revenge from young people who don't involve this event, it is not fair. And this efforts couldn't gain any conclusion until now besides to provoke hostility and to feed hate. We need to understand each other, we need to thing differently from politicians. We need to each us. Selam. 

once our ancestars were neighboors in same streets but with the start of the ww1...Armenians choosed to be ally with russia....but we still love you..

In my opinion, American people is open and free, but American government is bossy to other countries.In a word, I love American people, but hate American government.

I am so sorry ,I seem Armenian as American.

I agree  with you but what  about  when  thousand  people  can't  visit  the  grave  of their  relatives. Yhousand  churches  are know  ruins  or  just serve  as a barn  and  they  even changed  hitory. Armenians live  in horrble  situation  becouse of the fact  thet they  are Armenian.  You see  I  admit that in any country ther are good or bed people. But it  is different that  Government  encourage  people to distroy everithing which belongs Armenians.  They  themselves try  to  remind us about everything,  by  their unrespectful attitude.

simurg  I'm very  happy  that  you  like  us.

Ani , u made a interesting discussion ...It s really interesting , in italki i met many people who doesnt know even the where Armenia is situated....I am proud of living in my country Armenia,,,it s one of the ancient countries in the world,, who keep it s traditions and cultures so long , in spite of the wars which had been during all the history of Armenia,,

Armenia is the first country who recognised , admitted the christianity,,,The capital of Armenia is Terevan  which is oldedr than the well known Rome,,,but unfortunately a few people know about that///

The most tragic part of our history was on April 24  the Genocide of Armenia, i amde a discussion here, reffering to that day,,,,,

What about Turkish ..i have to tell that many turks convince the Genocide, but it s not allowed by their government , so let s stop hating each other ,,,i have a turkish friend here and i can say he is very nice person,,,and we discuused the matter I can say let s think about a person not by his nationality , but think what a HUMAN HE IS.........Thanks for discussion,,

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