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the topic about around world

If you will be around each country of the earth, you should be ready a lot of money.

  How expensive get that travel to Chinese guy.



问下语法问题:为什么will 后面要加be这个单词?  求解!!!

Will后面加动词原型am is are 的原型是be

It depends upon how you organize your travelling  . Like some packers I heard , they spend scare to travel all over the world  .  Most of them are singles or couples without kids instead of family with handful kids . If you have kids  to travel with  , it is implausible to carry your children .   Most of them takes  advantage of locales to share their food or accomodation . It is a preferable way to make friends also . but rather , you  need huge courage and agileness enough .  Before you plan everything above , you might enhance your english proficiency , it is critical for you to travel without sightseeing guide .  I think proficient language is the first step to be a happy packer .

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