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People and Career

   Hey guys,what do you think of#Pelple and Career#? Earning money is really the career mean?I think career is more than a means of obtaining material wealth,and what peopel expect to obtain from career is a feeling of fulfilment.

   what's you idears,guys,I want to hear your opinions:)



In different stage of your whole life, you might have different aspects of career . You can give your career new definition any time . If you are poor and hungry for money chasing, the most significance of career is making as much money as you can . Without money you cannot think of much more about your future . Nevertheless , while you are not so poor that you do not need take all efforts to earn enough  money to raise your family , you will regard your career as part of your life . When I was young the wage is my first priority  , but now  , career is just my way to fulfill my dream  . That is why so many people would dedicate themselves to some benevolence when they are getting older and richer . You life is so short and swift . Treasure every seconds you can hold.

career is one of the most important iterms in our life . We often  need courage to face all kinds of challenges which we never thought  when we set up new goals . And  I alway hear that they want to be more creative and beak themsleves . It is a magic  that forces us to become good enough and confident .

There is a chinese old saying I can share with you : There is nothing important than a man should choose the correct career , and a woman should choose the correct husband . 男怕入錯行 女怕嫁錯郎

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