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Chat is missing!!

why is the chat option missing in italki?



I think maybe not really need the chat room.


it is inconvenient now!

from :



As many users have expressed ongoing connectivity and stability issues with our chat system, we have taken it down for maintenance. We currently have no timetable for when the chat system will be updated.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We recommend using inbox messages to communicate with teachers and language exchange partners on italki.


Hi Demi , why do you feel like that?

Because if you go to chat room,it will tell you ''Please go to Discussions.''

And if you want to chat with your friend you can go to Home.

That's why I think maybe not really need it.

For what it's worth, I was having a lot of problems with the chat window. Whenever I moved to a new page it closed the chat window and if people wrote me messages they got lost. Then the people I was chatting with assumed I was being rude and ignoring them.

Hi Demi and Ivan , i didn't know that the chat window has this much issues. As Dani said,

I hope the italki team will solve these issues and make chat option a comfortable one.

Hope so.

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