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Hindi words

Hi friends, please provide me some good hindi words with english meaning that can be used in our day to day life..



खाना (khana) = to eat

पीना (pina) = to drink

जाना (jana) = to go

आना (aana) = to come

करना (karna) = to do (remember this one as it's used in many compound verb forms)

देना (dena) = to give

लेना (lena) = to take

लिखना (likhna) = to write

पढना (padhna) = to read

समझना (samajhna) = to understand

समझाना (samjhaana) = to explain (i.e. to make someone understand)

सीखना (sikhna) = to learn

Hi Sirius, Thank you... useful words.. I am just trying to speak hindi..

All the best. Happy learning!!!

What's your level of understanding hindi? Here are some words...

उम्मीद-Ummeed - Expect : Tujhse ye ummeed na thi ( I didn't expect THAT from you)

अच्छा- Achhaa - Good : Tumse milke achha laga (I feet good meeting you)

चलो चाय पीते हैं - Chalo Cahaai peete hai - Lets grab a cup of tea


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