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Interesting movies

What do you recommend interesting movies?



For learning english i recommend Forrest Gump, Matrix 1, Damned Queen and Casablanca. Personages in this films use simple vocabulary and good pronunciation.

1) inception

2)The Pursuit of Happyness

3) the lake house

4) seven pounds

5)when a man loves a woman

beautiful mind

rocky balbo


these are the list of some best hindi movies..

1. ye jawani hai diwani 

2. 3 ideots

3. taare jameen pe

4. fukre

5. ajab prem ki gajab khani

6. dil wale dhulniya le jayenge

7. kabhi khushi kabhi gum 

8. welcome

I recommended you Scream movies.

Watch Jim Carrey films like "Dumb and Dumber" and Ace Ventura

If you like other genres too....I'd suggest
1. Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
2. Schindler's List

3. The Batman trilogy 

4. Memento

5. The Departed


Definitely the twilight movies, I even used those for improving my French, they are great, you can also read the book for improving in the language. Very nice language, and great topic with much suspense and love.

Watch nicolas cage films like "face off" and denzel washington like "flieght"

I recommended you Hansel y Gretel.

What do you even mean by "interesting movies"? Like, ones that are unusual and make you confused, or philosophical ones that make you ponder existence and stuff, or what?

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