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Hey, guys, what do you think about a friendship on the Internet?

Is there anyone here who has friendship on the Internet over a year? How can you trust your partner? Do you think that friendship will last long forever? Actually I'm just curious about people. Thank for my life because I have 2 friends from the Internet, they're so kind and help me a lot. Hope that we can meet each other in person one day in the future. I don't know how long will our friendship last? But I'll do everything to protect it.



I have several internet friends who I have continued to chat with for 15 years now. I have only met a few in person, but we seem to get along just fine.

I guess friendship on internet can be strong, if we find a good one. As i am kind of one who can't get a person character even after talking for a year inperson, its risk for me to find internet friends..

I also have many friends on italki ^^ but just few of them are close to me and i'm so happy that i can share with them all my happy and bad moments. My friendship with these people is just amazing they are presenting to me their cultures and teaching me their languages and we really spend great moments together So i hope that our friendship will last forever and i'm really waiting for that big day when i will meet them in person ^^

thank u Dandelion for this subject and from here i want to say THANK YOU for your friendship my friends from all the world ^_____^

I have "cyber friend" we became friends 3 years ago, havent met him yet, dont know will I, but its cool.

Seems everyone have net friends. Not my case, but for shure the friendship when is true will last forever. It could be genial if everyone in everywere could be friend of everyone in everywere. True developement of the human race.

@charlescuy: wow, really? 15 years? It's so long! I really admire your friendship!!! That's great!

@Geetha: I think maybe you don't really trust people on the Internet right? But let's try :))) I think there is someone here can be your best friend.  

@Kim Hanna: Haha I also like this subject :)))) I'm glad because you can say "thank you" to your friends through my dicussion :))) That's really nice when you found great friendships with people here. Your name seems to be Korean name right? 

@Azra: 3 years, it's also a long time to trust your friend strongly right? I'm sure that you'll meet him in the future :))))) 

@Angel: Yah, I agree with you. It's really great if people around the world can be friends with each other. Maybe war will disappear :)))

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