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French boys book

Is there an action book for little french boys, around 12 years old, so the french is not too difficult for me to understand.



toluse and poulose. It is a nice book!!

It depends on what you're searching for, a novel or a comics ? What do you mean by "action" are you searching for a fantasy book, fantastic book, a thriller?

For a 12 years old child i suggest :
- Les mange-forêts ( K. Aldany).
- Strom ( E. Saint-Chamas, B. Saint-Chamas ) : this is a collection with several books.
-Créature contre créateur ( S.k).
And a very good comics !!! : XIII ( W.Vance, J. Van Hamme). But i don't know if it's a good comic book for a 12 years old child :s

I hope that will help ^^


when Inwas between 10 and 13 I LOVED the books "Chaire de poule" (you just google it). It's a mystery serie for children around 11 or 12. They were fantastic.

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