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who wants to live in america?

i have always wanted to live in usa,i dont no why,i just like it.and i know soon or late i will live there.i think the my life ganna be more easir in  usa,how about u?





Why do you think so? Because Hilarie said you have the rights to be an idiot in US? US conducts the most strict laws in the world, do you know why? Too many bold and smart people with guns and lawyers....which makes the percentage of people going to jail highest in the world!!!! Why do you think life can be easier between such people?


Have you met anyone who'd left their home country for America? I don't know what kind of situation you're in, but living in a foreign country certainly has its pros and cons. I lived there for school, and my life wasn't easier but rewarding. 

In my opinion, living aimlessly without a purpose, or a goal in a foreign country can be really empty and possibly a waste of time. Many immigrants move there for opportunities, which means they have some goals they hope to achieve. It could be a better standard of living, political freedom, job, family etc. They would have what it takes to put up with the cons of leaving their home countries in order to work hard to get what they want. 

I have friends there, so it will be fun to visit the country. However my life won't be infinately better just to be in the U.S., just like being in any other country for that matter. It all depends on what I could get out of living there.

I LOVE MY COUNTRY but i like to visite America  and others country !

Recently I've become interested in visiting the US, which is strange that I've only thought about it now. I've watched so much TV, films and read so much US media it would be really interesting to see what it's actually like to be there. I've also never visited another English speaking country so it's be nice to visit somewhere without the language barrier. Not sure about living there, don't think they'd want me although I'd prefer to live in a republic than a monarchy.



I think that there is a saying: Be careful what you wish for because you might receive it!


IF you have a needed skill, then you would probably like the United States. There are many vacant jobs that require important skills.


IF you are poorly educated, however, it is very difficult to find a job that will pay enough money to live in a big city.


I notice that you come from Iran.  As you know, many Iranians live in the States. Maybe some of them will help you find a job. On the other hand, most of them came here in the 1980's (you know the reason). Maybe many of them would not be too happy to help you. (You know what I mean)


Also, remember that although almost everyone in Iran is Iranian, the United States is very "diverse."

That is, there are many races, religions, etc. There is much competition among those groups for jobs, etc. Furthermore, there are many dangerous neighborhoods in which poor people are forced to live. If you do not have enough money to live in a nice neighborhood in a nice city, then life could be very dangerous and unpleasant.


I do think, however, that you -- as a young person -- would like the fact that there are some freedoms here that do not currently  exist in your country.


Good luck! It may be the most important decision of your life.



TNX for comment james,you are quite right.

u know it's not easy for iranians to come to the states,but i have family there and hope they will help me that way.

I would like to visit US, but would not like to live, because I think US is not a peaceful place to live. Anyway, US is really beautiful and people there is also friendly :)))

America is country with lot of opportunities, but it doesnt mean it will be easier like u said, i lived in Usa and im going back soon but if i could chose it wouldnt be Usa, it would be Australia.

From my point of view and having read the previous coments I would like to add that when someone decide to move other country at the beginning all will be disadvantages. To start with, different languages unless you been able to speak English or Spanish. Secondly, other customs and behaviours. However, as Azra wrote "América is a country with lot of opportunities 

I want too . cause i think . USA is good for me . I could learn to live independently

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