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The concept of Karma

Konichiwa everyone,

I have heard Karma defined by the term, "what goes around, comes around", meaning whatever energy people put out, wil eventually come back to them, no matter if it is good, or bad. Because of this, I think most people mistake Karma as only applying to energy that we send outward. However, I believe that it also applies to energy that we apply inward as well. In other words, how you treat yourself, affects how you are treated by others or life in general


So, even if you are good to others, you will still have unbalanced Karma if you are not good to yourself


What do you think?



I think that we should treat ourselves in the same way we treat the others. Because we're a part of something bigger that we're supposed to take care of. In buddhism there is no conception of soul, so no me or you really... There's no difference to where the agressy is sent, it will do the same damage and come back to where it came from. So, for example, if you cut yourself , the karma won't let you be at peace. These are my thoughts, I could be wrong. 

I dont think you are wrong. These are your beliefs. Beliefs are never wrong, because they are owned by the individual. Beliefs can be misguided, but even then, its the guidance thats wrong, not the belief.  :)

karma are of three types.. 1. whatever we do in past life(before born) we receive fruit for that in that life according to our work if we had done good work then fruit will be sweet and vice versa.

 2. whatever we do in past in that life. we receive.

3. what we are doing at present

we have no control on our past but we can make our present better after doing good word whose benefit we achieve in future( in that life or in upcoming life)

god sent us to heaven or hell depends on our karma.

now Q is what is good work ..

a. never hurt weakers than us ( anyone including animals) because whatever we do we have to receive.. this is kaal chakra(cycle) then we will become that in next life and we suffer for our bad karmas.

b. hell hand heaven is like in that kaal cycle where we receive fruits for our good and bad works for a specified period.. and after that period we will back on earth and receive dresses in the form of body according to our karmas.. some become lion, deer and people who do good in past life they found dress in the form of human body. and that cycle continues  

there are 1 lakh 84 thousand species in the world or we say dresses( in the form of body).. we r in human body that is superior because in that body we found path to god after worshipping we get rid from that kaal chakra of born, death and reborn.. this can only be possible if we worship and do good karmas so, we have to stop ourself to do evils.  

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