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Singing Hatikvah

Can you say "in honour of haatzmaut we sing Hatikvah" in hebrew like this:

Lich'vod Ha'atzmaut anachnu lashir Hatikvah





hey :) it's almost perfect...

you need to say: Lich'vod Ha'atzmaut anachnu sharim Hatikvah

sharim = we are singing (plural present)

lashir = is the adverb, to sing



"yom/chag ha'atzmaut..." - more common

Toda RoniOz! :) Almost nailed it haha

Ruth, Chat ha'atzmaut doesn't mean "In honour of ha'atzmaut we sing Hatikvah" Chag Ha'atzmaut means "happy haatzmaut"?

Independence Day= yom ha'atzmaut. 

Oh now I get it :) 

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