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I'm visiting Seoul in one month!

Hi, Annyeonghaseyo~~~


I'm visiting Seoul in one month (July 25th). It is my second time visiting South Korea. I really enjoyed my first trip to Seoul, but did not have enough time to visit many places because I was there only for short holiday.


If you live in Seoul, or any part of Korea, can you recommend where I should visit? Fun shopping, clubs, museums...what famous Korean foods should I eat?


Thank you! :)



I hope this will help you.



IF you want more detail, you can find me skype or kakaotalk and whatsapp. my ID is 'razbitz' :D



Firstly you should come to Gangnam in Seoul famous for shopping and where there are lots of nice clubs there!

I have heard Hongdae is good for night clubs!

Itaewon is also good for shopping, clubs!

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