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The weather is so hot, watermelon is the only thing I want to eat in such a...emm...lovely day. What are you usually do in summer?to be honest,i prefer to stay in a refrigerator



good idea i want to stay ın  refrigerator also  :)

I take watermelon but in limit. I like to stay in a room with AC . I take to many litres of chilled water in a day . In summer generally I avoid to do work .

In my country is a cold weather, no sun, and rain every day... And I wish to be in a hot country)))


really? do you prefer stay in a refrigerator instead of going out with your friends je, je. If in my country would have good weather, I would have gone out with my friends more often. Right now, the weather is quite volatile

refrigerator is too summer i prefer to be in pluto  .><.

i like summer! this wonderful day,it's a pity, i am sitting in the office. I want to the sea))))))))))))))))  

It's a right time to go to the sea,enjoy the sunshine in the beach,but now i must stay in my school to review my book and prepare for my exam,,,,,,fortunately,the weather is very cool now,it's raining heavily

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