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why are you studying languages?

why am I learning languages?

I don't have idea, seriously I don't know. maybe just I like learning anything new.




Maybe you are learning for fun) 

Learning a new language makes me feel kind of pleasure and satisfaction.

Language is funny and beautiful :)

That's why i study. ^____^

Because when we meet someone who speak other language it is nice to know their language.


language is a way to know other's culture 

it is easy if you learn other languages

I learn languages because it's important nowadays, but lately I'm learning for fun.

I am learning language because I am planning to study Theology next year. Learning Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic ( if it is still alive ) I think will be a help somehow.

I am learning languages because I think it is important nowdays. And it is interesting for me to know something new about other languages and other cultures of different countries. 


Learning a foreign language is opening a door, through that I wish I can find a beautiful view.




why am I learning languages?
I have no idea. Seriously, I don't know (or I seriously don't know). Maybe I just like learning anything new.




I'm learning Spanish right now because in Texas you are constantly surronunded by Spanish speakers, and I'd like to be able to communicate with them. I'd also love to teach in a Spanish speaking country, so knowing Spanish would be a necessity. Plus, I've always admired people who can speak more than one language. It's amazing.

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