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How do you deal with excitement befor the important event (exams,interview,perfomance on a stage etc.) ?



In this kind of situations , I try to be cool as possible as i can and control my beings and doings and also to be optimistic about what`s gonna be . :) 

Well a good question ,, first of all I wish you "best of luck" if you are going to appear in any such event ,, good luck ,, and about your asking regarding the excitement I want to say that it is natural feelings and every person has it at this time ,These feelings are the mixture of several type of thoughts that came from nervousness, good or bad presentation, confidence to face the tings, presence of mind to give answer at the right time ,, ambiguity of selection for job , ... So the candidate who is going to face such thing is always supposed to be surrounded by these thoughts,, it’s very obivious..and there is no way to deal with it ,,it goes in its way and increase with coming time .. but ya for sure the good result increase the confidence for next events and the bad performance make discourage ,but we learn from the all good and bad experience ,, and the excitement you are talking about always be there but yes with the passing time and when candidate would have faced so many such exams or interviews he will feel more and more normal,, I want to say that in the starting of such things there is more excitement but these feelings come to the normal way after going through many such events after some time ,, ok ,, Hope I am successful to make you something clear about it ,, at the last best of luck again ,, and keep smiling ,, be excited but do not be nervous or negative ,,ok

thanks for the answers) I think you're absolutely right.

As for me, in such kind of situation I always try to find a person, who can support me or maybe distract from unwanted thoughts. For example before yesturday's exam I was chatting with my groupmates and it helped me to keep the optimistic mood


Raj, you're right, now I'm in a really stressful situation, because I'll have difficult exams soon, so thank you very much

I would suggest keeping yourself abolutely distracted. Most importantly, with your minds. You could make yourself think that event isn't going to happen soon. As for me, when I have a concert, I don't think about it not once in that day (I wake up thinking about it, though). I do all the preparing day before. But when it's coming closer, you may feel that you're not prepared yet and it may cause in not being able to concentrate during it. But some distracion is better that killing yourself before, in my opinion.

People say, that when you do it often, you get used to it. But not me :D stress doesn't change. You just find ways to reduce it.


平常心 refers to keep calm down as usual even huge Tsunami or cyclone comes close . Nothing is particular should be your unshakable creed  . You will do everything as well as possible once you keep norm constantly .

taking deep breath...

you should be relax and you try to forrget this event until last day 

if it is so impartant for you you sholud concenrate you can succeed 

This is strange, but I try not to control it. When I think about it too much it seems to get worse.

I think you try not to think about exams or something like that  . Because when you think  , it leads to stress . İf it doesn't work  ,  you can talk with your friends , or your mother . I'm sure they make you feel good 

Poorly... Generally with diarrea and vomit.

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