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Do you like Indonesian?

Why? let we share (^_^)



i luv all countrys to vist,thats so fun

Adalah apa pertanyaannya tentang bahasa Indonesia atau orang-orang?


I like to learn Indonesian because the grammar is easy, no tense....

I like Indonesian people because they are nice people smiling a lot caring about others.

I like indonesian food even if many time, it's too spicy for me.

I like the countryside from volcanoes to ricefield to beaches.


I even like the craziness of the polluted jakarta as long as I dont have to stay more than 4 days because then I get sick.


I dont like the NO care about ecology wich prevails and is a threat for your country.

I know its hard but noone should wait until it's too late.

share anything that you know about Indonesia, Indonesian (people and language)

I like Indonesia, 'cause i was born in indonesia.

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